By Keith Barnes | WildGuides | Paperback | August 2016 | 176 Pages | 200+ Colour Photos | ISBN: 9780691161785

The Publisher’s View: This compact and stunningly illustrated field guide is an essential companion for any safari in South Africa’s Kruger National Park – one of the largest, most iconic, and most visited conservation areas in Africa. Featuring a unique attractive layout and more than 200 colour photographs that show animals in a variety of poses, Animals of Kruger National Park covers all of the park’s most frequently seen mammals, reptiles, and frogs. The authoritative and accessible text provides more information about identification, habitat, behaviour, biology, and conservation than most competing guides.

Written by South Africa native Keith Barnes, an experienced naturalist, wildlife guide, and author, Animals of Kruger National Park covers 57 mammals, 17 reptiles, and 8 frogs. In addition to Kruger’s famous Big-5 of elephants, leopards, lions, rhinoceroses, and buffalos, Animals of Kruger National Park also includes lesser-known animals such as the charismatic Wild Dog, smaller cats like the Serval and Caracal, and odd nocturnal denizens like the Cape Porcupine and Springhare. Text and photos work seamlessly to enhance the user’s understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the animals of this incredible region, which is home to South Africa’s most important populations of megafauna.

The Author: Keith Barnes, a native of South Africa, is a founder and Director of Tropical Birding, a birdwatching, wildlife, and photography tour operator. He holds a PhD in zoology from the University of Cape Town and is a co-author of a companion volume, Birds of Kruger National Park, and Birding Ethiopia, among other books. He grew up in the bushveld of the Magaliesberg, and fondly remembers early visits to Kruger National Park.

Fatbirder View: Keith Barnes is one of the best-known birding guides in east and southern Africa and has led numerous parties of birders including several friends of my that rated him very highly. Kruger is the best known safari destination in South Africa covering a massive area abounding in wildlife and now linking with the neighbouring reserve in Mozambique making for a truly geographical scale area of wildlife preservation. A great many people who visit South Africa with even the vaguest of attraction to wildlife want to go to Kruger. Naturally a decent field-guide is needed, but it also needs to satisfy the travelling naturalist as well as the casual safari participant. This smart little guide does just that, no less would be expected of any volume that appears in the WildGuide series. This is achieved by detailed and accurate information and a great many excellent photographs. Even us advocates of drawn illustrations have to admit to liking the WildGuide books. Moreover, this is a companion volume to the one on Kruger’s birdlife (co-authored by Mr Barnes) and, while I’d still want SASOL in my pocket or on my phone I am sure most casual birders or all round wildlife lovers will find those two quite sufficient.

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