Antarctic Wildlife Guide

From My Digital Earth | App| Nov 2015

Fatbirder View:This will be brief only because I cannot include any publisher information etc. iTunes do not make it easy to capture images of the cover or download any information at all from the author’s or publisher’s perspective. They do the customer no good service here.

Moreover, My Digital Earth hasn’t even got a link to this app on their own website. I pity those producing these excellent apps as independent reviewers like me often have to make approaches themselves to authors etc. to get product redeem codes. I was lucky that the chap responsible for birds section, that great Irish wildlife guide, photographer and illustrator Jim Wilson kindly brought it to my attention.

It’s a real shame as this one is a tiny pocket gem which anyone visiting the south Atlantic or Antarctica will want this on their iPhone.The app covers some 89 species of birds and all the marine mammals – seals, dolphins and whales. I’m best able to judge the birds and I was immediately impressed with the photographs of pelagic species. Often they cover not just male and female, adult and juvenile but many stages of life and plumage. Some of the land-based species are as well photographed but a handful, particularly the ducks are not quite as impressive with perhaps just one or two images.

The text is succinct covering all you need to know to know what it was that just flew by or is hanging about in your ships wake, or is, for that matter hauled up on some rocky shoreline.

What impressed me is that the app feels like an app… not an edited down ebook. Its all you need, precise, concise and low price.

A couple of nice in-app features I liked was that I could mail support from within the app and there is a page for the other apps produced by this company. App extras like being able to list what you see are in there too.All I need now are sea-legs and a few thousands for the tour fees and ship’s passage!

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