BIRD SONGS of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

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Publisher’s View: This is a professional app adaptation of the reference work of Schulze and Dingler covering all 800 European species including 2817 songs and calls known from the 17 CD-set or 2 mp3-discs! This is often said to be the best set of songs and calls for this region ever published.

If that’s true then this is a must have app for bird enthusiasts!

All species can be browsed by taxonomical classification from icons on a full screen, and can thus be easily compared. Alternatively one can search alphabetically.

Sonorograms of all sounds as well as high quality photographs and descriptions to each species are also included. As a novelty and practical advantage, multiple songs and calls of one species are arranged consecutively on separate tracks. Some tracks consist of several calls, which can independently be chosen and played immediately without the need to fast-forward. This adds up to 2.817 bird sounds altogether!

Explanations of all recordings are given, bird names are given in English, Latin and German with more names being added in future versions.

Special features:

– 2817 songs & calls
– includes 802 European species
– descriptions to all species
– 1350 photographs
– Create sighting lists and sort by place, date, group, and name
– make notes for each bird spotted.

The app is for iPhone and iPad and cost EUR 49,99. More information and pictures at

All updates are free of charge.

Once downloaded no internet connection is needed – just download the app and start birding!

Fatbirder View: I haven’t yet accessed every image or sonogram on the app… but every one that I have has been perfect. The app is easy to use. I’ve used the mode that gives you a screen full of family icons and you can go quickly from these to a species in the field… if, say, you were unsure of a warbler song. Alternatively accessing the alphabetical lists is great too.

When you get to a species there is a visual sonogram which runs as you play the song or call. Often there are several for different songs or calls.

I just discovered that clicking on an image gets you a full screen version and they are, fore the most part very good indeed.

Two other stand out features… free updates and offline working once downloaded. If you are out of range of a service, as you may well be bashing bushes looking for autumn migrants then that is ideal.

I confess to being a convert. I’ve seen various attempts to give us a birding app for Europe as good as the ones available for N America, Australia and Southern Africa… now we have one!

I rarely offer free endorsements, but this is a great product and I have no trouble singing its praises. Hopefully, once all you techno trendies have bought a copy the volume of sales will start to bring the price down as this is the only thing that might deter other iPod/iPad/iPhone owning birder.

Aavailable in app Store and iTunes stores.