Over the years I have reviewed just about all of Dave Gosney’s output in each of his different personas from Gostours through to the ‘easy birder’… and every one has been positive. I have used the guides several times in different places when birding under my own steam from Goa to Majorca and found the booklets spot on. Easy to follow, accurate and, as it were, birder friendly.

The same goes for the video output, I like David’s laidback style and calm hushed voice always articulate, always informative but never lecturing or patronizing.

Now that David has left the company he founded, Birdguides, and is again an independent birder and film-maker he has been sending me the updated booklets and new DVDs and they have been a joy to read and watch; re-familiarising myself with the former and enjoying a first view of the latter.The latest Batch include booklets for Bulgaria, Southern Portugal, North Goa and Northern Spain and the DVDs covering the latter two locations.

His websites says of the Goa DVD: “Join British birder, Dave Gosney, on his visit to Goa in search of fabulous birds such as Indian Pitta, Malabar Trogon, Sri Lankan Frogmouth, White-rumped Shama, Racket-tailed Drongo, Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher and many more. You’ll see footage of all the most exciting species, you’ll get an idea of what each of the sites is like… and we think you’ll also have a laugh or two as the story unfolds.”

For me this says all one needs to say about both the book and DVD collection. No one should contemplate their birding trip without checking to see if David has been there and written the booklet or made the film. If he has buy it! If not, persuade him to get out there and write one for us!


See: http://web.me.com/easybirder/easybirder.co.uk/Home.html