Eden Quality 8×42 roof-type binoculars, see more at their website High quality optics guarantee an extremely clear and bright image with a high edge-of-field-sharpness. Light weight Magnesium body, Argon filled.

Eden Quality 8×42 roof-type binoculars. High quality optics guarantee a very clear and bright image with a high edge-of-field-sharpness. Filled with Argon to prevent condensation of air. Light weight Magnesium body.

Optical qualities: clear, bright and wide image
These binoculars are equipped with high quality optical elements which are normally only found in more expensive binoculars. The high quality lenses are made from ED glass (Extra-low Dispersion glass), which provides a sharper image. All lenses are coated with a variety of coatings (FMC, Fully Multi Coated) that provide excellent light transmission over the complete spectrum, resulting in a bright image and excellent colour reproduction. Thanks to their special ‘Water-repellent Coatings’ on the objectives, the bright view is retained during rainy weather. The prisms are made from BAK-4 glass and are equipped with silver coatings and phase correction coatings for optimum light transmission and colour reproductions. The ‘Extra low dispersion glass’ lenses and BAK-4 prisms are carefully aligned, which results in distortion-free images. These binoculars feature a very wide field of view of up to 142 metres at a distance of 1,000 metres, which is excellent for 8×42 binoculars. Together with the quick focus, the target is quickly and easily found.Roof type binoculars: compact and airtight
These Eden Quality ED binoculars are roof-type binoculars. In this construction the lenses are in line with each other. This makes the binoculars both narrow and airtight since the volume does not change when focusing with roof type binoculars. This is in contrast to the so-called porro-type of binoculars, which change in volume and therefore tend to let air in or out when focusing.

Argon filled: no condensation
During the manufacturing process, the binoculars are filled with Argon. This makes it possible to use the binoculars at very low temperatures without any condensation of air inside the binoculars.

Suitable for people wearing spectacles
The 17 mm eye relief and the solid ‘twist-up’ eye caps make these binoculars ideally suitable for all users with or without spectacles.Features:

Magnification: 8 x
Diameter of the objective: 42 mm
Prism system: Roof
Prism glass: BAK-4
Lens coatings:
Prism coatings:
Focus system: Central
Field of view: 142 meters wide on 1000 meter distance (=426 Foot on 1000 Yards , = 8.1°)
Exit pupil: 5.2 mm
Eye relief: 17.2 mm
Near focus: 3,5 m
Body material: Magnesium
Tripod mountable
Weight: 680 g
Dimensions:140 x 110 x 70 mm
Accessories: bag, strap, objective protection covers, cleaning cloth
Eye cap: Twist up, suitable for use in combination with glasses
Water/fog proof: Yes
25-year warranty on defects in material and manufacturing
Manual Eden Quality ED BinocularsOpinion

We took these binoculars with us on a family holiday – three birders (all sporting Swarovski hardware) and a newcomer to the pastime (not counting my two-year old granddaughter well able to spot birds herself!). Birding ion france is a real pleasurte – less people more birds and, what is more, excellent for a novice birder with big (storks), colourful (bee-eaters) and flamboyant (hoopoes) birds along with plenty of skulking LBJs (zitting cisticola and lots of melodious warblers).

Throughout the trip our birding newbie had the Eden’s and was well impressed with them. Moreover, so were the rest of us. They are not as well engineered, nor as stunningly bright and colour-true to use as the ‘swaros’ but at about a fifth of the price they fared very well by comparison. These really are super little bins and if Eden let me hold on to them they would certainly replace the old ‘car bins’ I carry ‘just in case’.

They scored highest on the optics themselves with clear bright images with very little distortion and good performance in all types of light… even in the dark looking at a glow-worm! There was not of the yellow tinge one sometimes gets with inferior optics either. They also impressed on ‘handling’, they are comfortable to use, feel good in the grip and are not too heavy either. Another welcome feature are the dust caps – they clip into each lens just like a dustcap on a scope so once off and in the pocket they are harder to lose than the sort that dangle from the bins.

They fall down on a number of features, most irritating being the dioptera adjustment – it is housed centrally and very easy to confuse with the focus wheel as it has no ‘lock’ to stop it turning once adjusted and you find yourself having to adjust it with every use. This can be maddening when you have grabbed them to look at something passing by – by the time you get sorted out the bird is long gone!

The high quality case is let down by a poor quality neck strap and a rubbish lens cloth… a few pennies more would help the overall quality feel to what are a pair of remarkably good value-for-money binoculars.

In a word these guys punch well above their weight!