| Dave Smallshire & Andy Swash | Princeton University Press | 2020 | Flexibound | 360 Pages | 1400 Colour Photos; maps | ISBN: 9780691168951

The Publisher’s View:  The go-to photographic guide to all the damselflies and dragonflies recorded in Europe, including the Macaronesian Islands and western Turkey

  • Comprehensive coverage of every species of damselfly and dragonfly recorded in Europe
  • Stunning colour plates showing males, females, immatures, colour forms, subspecies and typical habitat for every species
  • Over 1,200 superb photographs, supplemented with illustrations of fine details
  • Detailed profiles for the 140 resident and vagrant species
  • Unique comparison plates for difficult groups
  • Easy to use by beginners and experts alike, avoiding technical terms

Europe’s Dragonflies is a comprehensive, lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed photographic field guide to the damselflies and dragonflies of Europe. Written by two well-travelled experts, the book covers all 140 resident and vagrant species recorded, focusing on the field identification of adult insects. Concise species profiles highlight key identification features and provide information on behaviour, habitat preferences, distribution, flight periods, status and conservation. Other sections cover identification tips, conservation status and legislation. Presenting an unsurpassed selection of images of the highest quality, this is the go-to guide for anyone wishing to know more about these amazing and fascinating insects.

Supported by the British Dragonfly Society


The Authors: 

Dave Smallshire is an ecologist, lecturer and wildlife tour guide, and plays an active role in the British Dragonfly Society. He formerly worked as an environmental adviser to the UK government and is the co-author of the highly acclaimed Britain’s Dragonflies (Princeton WILDGuides).

Andy Swash is managing director of WILDGuides and a well-known wildlife photographer and author. He is the co-author of Britain’s Dragonflies and seven other Princeton WILDGuides books, and has written and edited many other titles.


Fatbirder View:

I admit to finding dragonflies difficult on the wing… and even when they deign to land long enough for a record shot I find them hard to ID. Indeed, with colour changes and sexual dimorphism couple with a number of stages where characteristics change that is hardly surprising. The UK with its very limited number of species poses problems for me… Europe as a whole is a nightmare.

What one needs is a comprehensive fieldguide with high quality photos of growth stages and both genders and variations too. Well here is what you need.

I’ve been a big fan of the WILDGuides series from the first publication and, as even given my preference for line drawings these photo guides are close at hand on my study shelves because, for most taxa they are my first port of call.

I already have the WILDGuides for British species, now I can venture into Europe’s wild and wet places when lockdown is lifted looking for these aerial jewels.

Take a look and you will want it… this comprehensive and easy to read guide has it all!


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