Finding Birds in South Finland by David Gosney
Booklet: 40 pages, maps. ISBN Booklet 9781907316258 DVD 9781907316265 both published by Easybirder’South’ Finland covers all of Finland south of the Arctic Circle – the rest was covered in Finding Birds in Lapland (previously reviewed). Both the book and the DVD cover the best birding areas around Kuusamo, Oulu, Parikkala, Virolahti, Vartsila and Helsinki and feature details of where to see many of Finland’s best birds – Red-flanked Bluetail, Blyth’s Reed Warbler, Pine Grosbeak, White-backed Woodpecker, Little Bunting, Nutcracker, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Hazel Grouse, Siberian Jay, Booted Warbler, Great Snipe etc.

The DVD is 95 minutes long and includes close-up footage of most of the specialities including several of the sought-after owls, grouse and woodpeckers – not to mention bears.

Having reviewed the Lapland pair just before Christmas I feel no need to say more about this second offering in the new year – its more of the same and you will want both!Buy this dvd from

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