Mallorca Birding Map: 75 Best Birding Points | Colour Photos | Colour Map, scale: 1 : 140,000; dimensions: 65 × 89 cm | editorial de Natura i Medi A | Map | Feb 2014 |
They Say: The Mallorca Birding Map folds out to 89 × 65 cm and contains a map of high quality and precision mapping with up-to-date information on birds, and places where to see them. The map, which has been carefully designed, has information on the 75 best spots to observe birds on the island, as well as mapping roads, towns, mountains and containing other information of interest.

For each of the 75 spots information of interest to birdwatchers is included, such as the best time of year to visit each place, access type (car, boat, and degree of difficulty when access is on foot), GPS coordinates and the types of habitat and landscapes present. Also included are the most interesting bird species in the area, especially those that are worthwhile seeing. Finally, the map includes a checklist of the 80 most interesting species with locations where they are easiest to observe.

Fatbirder View Terrific content and a great idea… something whioch should be taken up by many more destinations. Not only is the map an easy to use reference with birding sites located and numbered but the checklist of the 80 most ‘interesting’ species has the relevant numbers beside them so you easily see where to go for each.

This doesn’t replace some of the excellent books and DVDs about the island but it is a very useful and handy addition.

My only reservation is about size and quality. If it were a tad smaller it would be easier to open and view over the steering wheel when parked up working out which road to take to get to the prime site. When I first opened it in my car it was awkward to view and immediately tore along a fold. Moreover, two minutes later another rip appeared on a fold line. Those responsible should consider a more durable medium for th next edition.


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