| By Ian Carter | Pelagic Publishing | 2022 | Hardback | | 204 pages | ISBN: 99781784273569 | £14.99p |

The Publisher’s View:

Time outdoors is always well spent. It raises the spirits, sparks the imagination and, as research increasingly shows, measurably improves our physical and mental wellbeing. Rhythms of Nature celebrates this fundamental relationship with the natural world, and considers some ways we might rediscover it.

After a career in conservation, Ian Carter moves to a secluded farmhouse tucked away in the low hills of mid-Devon between Exmoor and Dartmoor. Here he tries new approaches to exploring the local countryside. He learns the edible species, follows streams (wherever they may lead) and slips unseen through private estates. He experiments with rewilding the garden, goes on night-time rambles and watches the changing seasons in super high definition.

Following on from the author’s acclaimed Human, Nature, this engaging and thought-provoking book offers simple suggestions for how to enliven a sense of wonder in our surroundings. A paean to the ‘neglected’ and untidy places that can enrich our lives, it will appeal to anyone wishing to develop a deeper connection with wildlife or who has a desire to seek out the wilder corners of our landscape.

The Author:

Ian Carter worked as an ornithologist with Natural England for 25 years but now spends his time watching and writing about wildlife. He wrote The Red Kite’s Year and The Hen Harrier’s Year (forthcoming) with wildlife artist Dan Powell. His last book – Human, Nature – is also published by Pelagic.

Fatbirder View:

A tramp through the west country and a diary of a cottage garden, thoughts on rewilding and the value of hens. Does that sound disparate… its not. This book is semi-autobiographical if you see the reflection in nature described, it sets out hopes, pitfalls and down to earth experiences.

It’s entertaining and, almost by osmosis informative.

Thoroughly well written it is most accessible and flows so well a promised few pages ends up a chapter or two, while you follow the seasons.

Great stuff!

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