RSPB British Birds of Prey Written by Marianne Taylor and Photographs by Stig Frode Olsen (and others) | 224 pages | 200 colour photos | Hardcover | Christopher Helm 2010 | ISBN 9781408128497

This book is a celebration of British raptors, with 200 stunning colour photographs. An authoritative text examines the biology and ecology of each species, following their fortunes as British breeding birds from historical times to the present day. This book will serve as a showcase of these fabulous birds and highlight the diverse work of the RSPB in ensuring their survival.

Marianne Taylor has written and edited a number of books on birds and is a regular contributor to magazines such as Birdwatch.

The photographer Stig Frode Olsen is a trained biologist and teacher and has won several prizes for his nature photography, including first prize in the category “Threatened Species” in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition in 2006.

I have very little to say about this book bar ‘what’s not to like’? Its format lends itself to the coffee table and I defy even your non-birder visitors not to start flipping through… everyone is awed by birds of prey and love owls. Moreover, its hard not to start reading. The layout leads you to dip in and having started, you find yourself turning to other pages to compare the distribution or ID or whatever. Terrific stuff!

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