The Birds of Eigg by John Chester | Publisher: Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust | 2013 | ISBN: 978-1782800538 | Paperback | Price: £12 (free UK delivery – For information on delivery charges outside the UK, please e-mail See: Publishers View: The Birds of Eigg – a lovely illustrated book, researched and written by John ‘the bird’ Chester and friends – is a scientific wonder as well as a touching tribute to John, who has been the warden on the Trust’s Isle of Eigg Wildlife Reserve since 1986. The book features over 30 beautiful illustrations by artist Ben Cormack, plus a number of high quality photographs of the island.

This is a fantastic book for wildlife lovers and the perfect gift to inspire a visit to the green island in the sea of the Hebrides.

Fatbirder View: This book is virtually unique – it is a record of birds spanning three decades in one quite small island. This is only possible because of the detailed records kept by one incredibly meticulous patch worker.

As such it deserves wide distribution and acclaim and will be much admired by dedicated birders anywhere.

Moreover, it is fascinating to know that an area where Hen Harriers and Twite are every day birds Magpies and Mute Swans have never been seen and a Jay would be a major rarity, an area where a golden eagle is to be expected but where black-headed gulls take on the mantle of the sought after.

The background on the island and the man is readable and the illustrations attractive but the records are what is truly fascinating. Totally recommended!