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EL 8×32 Field Pro Binoculars

The Technical Stuff:

The Swarovski EL 8×32 Field Pro Binoculars combine an ample 141-meter field of view with an 8x magnification which allows you to view a steady picture in any situation. They fit perfectly in your hand thanks to the EL wrap-around grip and they are the ideal choice where weight and size are required factors. Supplied with a field pro bag, eyepiece cover, objective lens covers and lift carrying strap.

8 x Magnification 32mm

Effective objective lens diameter 4mm

Exit pupil diameter 20mm

Exit pupil distance (eye relief) 423ft at 1000 yds / 141m at 1000m / 8º Field of view 8º Field of view for eyeglass wearers 61º

Field of view, apparent

Shortest focusing distance = 6.2ft / 1.9m

Dioptric compensation is ±4dpt

Dioptre correction at ∞ 5dpt

90% Light transmission

Pupil distance = 2.2-2.9in / 54-74mm

Twilight factor acc. to ISO 14132-1 = 16

Dimensions are: 5.3 x 5 x 2.2in / 138 x 126 x 57mm Weight is just 21oz / 595g Functional temperature: -13 °F to +131 °F (-25 °C / +55 °C)

Storage temperature: -22 °F to +158 °F (-30 °C / +70 °C)

Submersion tightness: 13 ft / 4 m water depth (inert gas filling)

The Maker’s View:

Top of the range Swarovski binoculars

Now further enhanced by the new, perfectly harmonised FieldPro package. As well as having breath-taking Swarovski optics, these binoculars are lightweight, compact, boast an impressive wide-angle field of view and are simple and intuitive to use. This further enhanced edition includes field bag pro, new eyepiece and objective lens covers, lift carry strap with rotating strap connector, and a new dioptre lock function. Famous for their reliability and unrivalled image quality, these Swarovski ELs are a firm favourite among serious nature enthusiasts. The smallest details are reproduced with perfect contrast right up to the very edge of the image, even in twilight and low light conditions. Fluoride-containing lenses give absolute image brilliance. With a close focus of under 2m these are also perfect for viewing butterflies, moths and other close up, small objects. Even spectacle wearers, through the individually adjustable eyecups, enjoy the entire wide angle field of view.

• – Wide angle field of view

• – Perfect image without distortion, right to the periphery

• – Uncompromised field of view for spectacle wearers

• – Enhanced lens and prism coatings

• – Clear, bright images, even at twilight

• – Swaroclean coating ensures easy cleaning

• – Green model

• – New dioptre lock function

• – Supplied with Field bag pro, eyepiece cover, objective lens cover and lift carrying strap pro

Fatbirder View:

I remember, well over a decade ago, standing on the newly built Ramp at Cliffe RSPB and looking through some Swarovski binoculars for the very first time. I had always gone for the lightest pair of binoculars I could as carrying heavy ones gave me backache. I was blown away by the quality of the image I saw – so much so that I gave up the comfort of ultra-light weight bins and dumped them as soon as I could get hold of some ‘Swaros’.

Of late I have been lucky enough to review lots of pairs of bins from a number of manufacturers and some are really excellent; optically on a par with my own Swarovski’s if not on a par in terms of after sales, accessories and a few clever patented mechanisms like dioptre adjustment.

Today I had another revelation when I dashed out to see some waxwings that had turned up locally – they don’t get this far south every year. Being with ‘she who must be obeyed’ meant I had the ‘car binoculars’ initially while she raised these EL 8×32 Field Pros. As soon as was politic (i.e. when she had had a really good long look at the Waxwings), I got to try them and… whoa!! I was blown away. I scrabbled for my existing Swaros to see if it was just the car bins lesser quality that had fooled me… but no these really are a revelation. Given the price you really ought to be getting a step up in quality and in every way, both optically and otherwise you are.

I had already been impressed when I took them out of the box. A much better design of case for a start. Then there is the way the strap fits on… took me a few minutes to figure it out (but then I’m not the go-to-man when you want help putting up your IKEA shelves from a flat-pack), but it is such a neat way of doing things. Then the weather caps at the front lenses… neat how they attach and nice that you can leave them off and fill the small slot left behind with an attachment included. Both these and the rain-guard all make for less fuss than before.

Having said that they have the same pleasant ‘feel’ I get from my present Swarovski’s and a very comfortable fit to my hands, gloved or otherwise. The weight is good too, but bear in mind my preferred bins are 10×42 so a bit heavier. There is a natural balance and it’s easy to adjust the focus just as on existing models.

The Waxwing day was a bright blue sunny one so I knew I needed to try these fellows out in more testing conditions so held on to them over Christmas for my New Year expeditions. New Year didn’t let me down being the murkiest start to the year I can recall! At one stage I was peering into the gloom and declared how I could see no difference when my wife handed over the new bins and light dawned! In poor light these are exceptional performers. They say the ‘devil is in the detail’ well I think some angels are too as this is where these beauties really excel. The image is simply the crispest I’ve seen through optics.

Do I have any issues?

Well there is one. The dioptre adjustment is new and I think it’s been changed to get over an issue I’ve experienced, which is turning the focus wheel only to find it has slipped to the dioptre adjustment mode somehow causing you to fiddle around returning that to where you want it before focusing. Now this has always been a very good technical feature of Swaro’s much envied by other makers I am sure. The focus wheel clicking back to allow the dioptre adjustment, then clicking forward to stop it. I found the new feature very difficult to work in the field and impossible with gloved hands. Now this is good and bad. It’s great for those whose eyes are perfect or permanently askew, they can get it set before they go out. However, its not so great for those old codgers like me who have fuzzy eyes one day that are clearer the next, I’m forever fiddling with the adjuster to get them right.

That aside I have a severe case of optics envy… worse still Hawkeye reacted badly when I told her it was time to return the bins to Swarovski… I hope I didn’t scratch the coatings prising them out of her hands with a jemmy!