| Vortex | Crossfire | 10×42 |


The Technical Stuff:

Type: Roof-prism

Brand: Vortex

Series: Crossfire

Warranty: Lifetime

Dimensions: 5,98×5,08 ″

Weight: 660gr

Field of view (1,000m): 99 meters

Waterproof: Yes

Tripod connection: Yes

Nitrogen-filled: Yes

The Maker’s View:

A pair of binoculars you can count on

A pair of binoculars from the Vortex series Crossfire offers you a very good quality optics. The lenses are Fully Multi Coated giving you a guarantee of a clear picture in all circumstances. These binoculars have a wide field of view what makes them suitable for use at dusk or twilight. In short, Vortex Crossfire are the binoculars on which you can count on in any situation.

Magnification and lens diameter

With this Vortex Crossfire 10×42 you will have a 10x magnification and a lens diameter of 42 mm. This ensures you a great experience in any weather conditions. Vortex Crossfire is reliable even if it is exposed to large temperature changes. This is thanks to nitrogen gas with which the binoculars are filled. Therefore, it will not fog up on the inside. These binoculars can be certainly recommended for every nature lover who wants to observe birds and wildlife from a little bit closer. This model is a little bit lighter then it’s big brother Vortex Crossfire 12×50. We always recommend that you consider the weight of the binoculars before choosing the right model for you.

Fatbirder View:

This is an entry level optic which is very ‘affordable’ at even less than Vortex’s better-known Diamondback which is acknowledged to be a market leader in its class. Those bins are round 90% of the spec of binoculars that are ten times their price! So one might expect these optics to be good solid performers and you would not be disappointed.

The truth is that, optically, these days, there is very little difference between the top of the range and the affordable entry level. There is some difference in clarity, viewed area, and edge distortion, but nothing like a reflection of the hike in costs.

I used one of my standard summer tests – watching swifts from my office window. As their name implies swifts fly fast and when feeding will jink and weave high and low, all over the sky. Keeping them in focus is no mean feat and the strain on the arms soon becomes apparent with heavy models.

My verdict, not bad. The image one gets is clear, bright and colour true. There is some edge distortion to the image and to colour, but it is not intrusive. Focusing and re-focusing does take time, not as easy and quick as my optics of choice. The time spent raised to the eyes has to be limited when you can’t rest your elbows but, again, these are lighter, brighter and all round better than one would expect from the price.

99 metres at 1000 metres is a pretty good field of view, perhaps not as good as the 112 metres I get from my own optics, but certainly better than expected.

The accessories are better than some higher priced optics with a decent strap (although it doesn’t look very robust) and case. The dioptre adjustment is very stiff and it is hard to focus while trying to turn the wheel but at least it stays put once adjusted, again better than some more expensive models.

The fact that they are waterproof and carry a lifetime guarantee is nothing short of remarkable at the price!

At under two hundred pounds these represent very good value indeed!

Optics supplied by binoculars-expert